All Natural Premium Dog Treats Pork Wrapped Green Bean Jerky
Pork Wrapped Green Beans
Pork Wrapped Green Beans
Pork Wrapped Green Beans

Pork Wrapped Green Beans

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Amount in each package:

Regular Size - 3 oz. with approximately 25-30 pieces 

Large Size - 6 oz. with approximately 50-55 pieces


All Natural, 100% pork Loin Wrapped Green Beans. We slice strips of Pork Loin and wrap them around crisp Green Beans and dehydrate them for 8 hours. 


⭐️ Made in the USA 🇺🇸

⭐️ We use only local high quality  ingredients 

⭐️ Absolutely no additives, fillers, or preservatives 

⭐️ Humans can eat them (and do!) 

⭐️ GMO Free 

⭐️ No wheat, dairy, grains or rice 

⭐️ No chemicals 


Our treats are low calorie, high protein. Why? Because dogs need meat (protein) to function at their highest capicty. They are naturally meat eaters and in the wild would be eating meats. This is why our treats are mainly meat based. We have treats with veggies and fruits to give you pup extra vitamins! 


Our jerky treats eats are great for: 

🐶 Any Breed dog 

🐶 Any age dog, puppy to senior 

🐶 Dogs with sensitive stomachs 

🐶 Dogs on low fat, low calorie diets 

🐶 Dogs with allergies 

🐶 Picky dogs 

🐶 Great treat for weight management