GREEN BEANS - the new super food for dogs!

Why are Green Beans consider a super food for dogs? Well, because they contain a enormous amount of vitamins and minerals, plus they are pretty tasty. Dogs like, children, can sometimes have a picky palate when it comes to their veggies. With Green Beans being soooo good for your dog, we decided to add a little more protein and wrap them with delicious pork loin. Your dog will absolutely love these treats and here are some key reasons why, 

  Green Beans are packed with vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, vitamin B6, A,C, & K. Lets. break down what each of these does for your dogs health:

                        - IRON promotes healthy production of red blood clots. if your dog gets a cut or a injury that breaks the skin, Iron will help clot the blood for a speedy recovery. 

                        - Calcium can't be created by a dogs body so the calcium must be absorbed into the bod through foods such as green beans. When calcium is absorbed in the body it helps strengthen and improve their bone health. 

                        - B6 is a vitamin that is need for the growth of the dog and their overall health 

                        - C is a antioxidant and helps boost the immune system

                        - K is needed to help our blood clot 

                        - A helps provide the healthy function for the dogs skin, nerves and muscles

As you can see by the above vitamins and minerals, why green beans are a superfood for dogs. Wrapped with pork loin gives it the extra punch of protein!

         If you have a dog that is overweight and feel guilty about giving them treats then you have come to the right place. Green beans are actually recommended to give to a obese dog for weight loss. Why? because they are full of fiber and low in calories. The combo of the low calories and high fiber make the dog feel fuller longer. 

I hoped this was able to give you some insight into the benefits of green beans for your dog! They truly are a superfood. Our pork wrapped green beans are the perfect treat to reward your best friend with! 





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