Butternut Squash, the new super dog treat!

Butternut Squash is not only delicious and full of nutrients for us humans, but just as Beneficial to our fur babies! 
Did you know that this veggie, which technically is a fruit because it has seeds, is packed with vitamins and minerals! This sweet treat has Vitamins A, C, E, & B6. It consists of The following Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium. I mean that’s a whole lot packed into a veggie. This is why I love using butternut Squash, it’s so healthy but dogs, like humans, love it because of it sweet taste. It also has such a vibrant color which is from its powerful antioxidant, BETA CAROTENE. When a dog consumes beta carotene it gets converted to Vitamin A. Dogs like humans need Vitamin A for maintaining healthy and good eye sight and help keep your skin healthy! The Vitamin C gives a boost to your dogs immune system. Keeping them healthy and full of energy! 
I need a way to make the treat more beefy and add some type of protein. I then thought of the chicken nugget and if I cubed the Squash and wrapped it in chicken breast that it would make such a great treat! That’s how the Dog Jerky Co. Chicken Nugget was born! 

I love combining veggies with meats. It really does produce the perfect nugget of goodness for any pup. It consists of everything your dog needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle, treat wise! You won’t find these in any other stores! These are a bit time consuming to make but the outcome is well worth it and the pups absolutely love these! It’s a good way to get some of the minerals and vitamins into your picky dog, because it’s wrapped in chicken and what dog doesn’t like a crispy chicken treat! While writing this I think I just got my next delicious treat idea!! STAY  TUNED 😊

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