About me and my dogs 🐾

Hi Everyone, 

Myname is Kelly, owner of Dog Jerky Co.. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I’ve been around dogs my whole life and absolutely adore them. Wylie is my 10 year old Vizsla. He is my baby. I got him when he was 6 weeks old and it was love at first sight. Vizslas are a awesome breed of dogs. They are not we’ll known but have the best qualities. They are very energetic and great family dogs. They have a nickname of Velcro Vizsla because they get very attached to there owners like Velcro. He is truly my best friend. When I met my husband I didn’t realize that I would also fall in love with his pup Dublin! He is the cutest sweetest dog. He is a mix breed and my husband rescued him. When we decided to move In together I was a little nervous cause Wylie is used to being a only child but I was so surprised at how the two of them acted like they have known each other since birth. They get along so well I could not have asked for anything more. They snuggle, play, and explore together. They were truly meant to be brothers! We welcomed our beautiful daughter in November of this year and the pups are in love with her. They love to give her kisses and watch over her when she is playing. I’m so happy she gets to grow up with them! I grew up with dogs since I was born and it was such a great part of my childhood that I want my daughter to experience the same! So that’s a little bit about my family. I will get into more details in other blogs. We will talk about so much in these blogs from family life to dog nutrition and everything in between! Thanks for reading 😊

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